BMS is coaching for families, parents and pedagogues.

Online or in my cosy office you find the possibility to look to and to work on problems and challenging situations together with me.

My focus as a coach is always on you. You are yourself the expert of your life. I can help you with finding your own answers to questions which are always coming up while having children in your life.

  • Why don't they listen to what I say?
  • Here is just chaos! What am I doing wrong?
  • Help! My kid hits other kids! What shall I do?
With this and many other questions are we as parents and as pedagogues occupied. This connects us to each other. Unfortunately it doesn't help with ready-answers or methods. It's the other way around. Ready-answers and methods are always on the expense of somebody. The thing is, you have to find your own style of being mother, father or pedagogue. And you have to get to know your kid. What is hiding behind the doing? Here you find the answer. 

I would be glad to help you to understand your kid and yourself in a better way.

"Upbringing: Not only is it unhealthy for children, but it also hinders adults, precluding their growth and development." (Jesper Juul)